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Learning to fly a helicopter is a truly rewarding experience. Whether you are interested in flying privately, or working towards a career as a professional pilot, Vertical Advantage Helicopters can help make your goals a reality. We offer flight instruction for your private, instrument, commercial, certified flight instructor (CFI), and certified flight instructor instrument (CFII) ratings. We have an FAA designated examiner on staff to insure convenient and predictable checkrides.

Not sure where to start? Helicopter discovery flights are a great first step to becoming a pilot.

1/2-hour: $300

1-hour: $500

Discovery flights are treated as a first lesson and are a hands-on introduction to the world of helicopter flying. The student gets to operate the controls and fly the aircraft (with the instructor's help). Discovery flights also make excellent gifts.


What you can expect from us:

Honesty. You should expect this from every flight school, but misleading sales tactics and misinformation have become all too common in this industry. No matter where you train, be sure to ask plenty of questions. We won't try to sell you a huge overpriced package, or give you misleading information about the industry. Becoming a career helicopter pilot can be challenging and you should know this up front, before you spend your money.

Experience. We have worked in the helicopter industry for years and have experience flying in many different training environments all over the United States. In addition to being a flight school, we are also an active commercial operator. You as the student will benefit from our real-world experience and expertise.

Flexibility. At Vertical Advantage Helicopters you are in control of your flight training. You can train multiple times a day, or as infrequently as you wish. We are available 7 days a week with flexible hours for all your flight training needs. At Vertical Advantage Helicopters we work around your schedule.

Pay as-you-go. Many flight schools want to sell you a huge package filled with hidden fees and unnecessary expenses. They often require a large deposit or the total price of training before you can begin. You don't pay for college or any other education in this manner, so why would you pay for your flight training this way? At Vertical Advantage Helicopters all billing is done on a lesson by lesson basis. We do not require, or encourage the customer to pay for any flight training expenses up front. This protects YOUR MONEY. At Vertical Advantage Helicopters you buy exactly what you need, and skip what you don’t. For more information about why pre-paying for flight training is an extremely bad idea, click here.

Superior Equipment. We fly Enstrom helicopters. Enstrom helicopters are the safest piston helicopters in the world. Enstrom helicopters have a margin of safety and performance that is unmatched in the piston helicopter world. Their sturdy design, solid reputation, and extreme margin of safety make them ideal training helicopters.

Unlike other popular helicopters, Enstrom helicopters were designed for training and are not subject to any special federal aviation regulations (SFAR No. 73). This can save you thousands of dollars in flight training costs, and allow you to be a marketable pilot much sooner.

Aircraft rental after certification. If you complete your primary helicopter training with us, you will be able to rent the helicopter, and take passengers the day you get your pilot certificate. While you might expect this would be true at every flight school, it is not. Many new pilots are surprised to find out that the insurance policy at the flight school they trained at does not cover them for passenger carrying rental after they are certified. When you complete your training with us, you will be a fully prepared and capable helicopter pilot. We are confident in our training program, and trust you with our aircraft upon completion.

Expertly Maintained Aircraft. At Vertical Advantage Helicopters we take our job of providing students with the safest training helicopters very seriously. All of our aircraft are maintained 100% according to the manufacturer's maintenance specifications at our factory authorized Enstrom Service Center.

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